Silvinee is a fictional country in the fictional continent Drenitol located about 2'500 km west of South America. Silvinee is, along with the countries Letisory, Trisitan, Molane, Atimetia and Felma, a member in the union Jilesti.


During the latest ice age, south west Silvinee was covered by inland ice. The ice melted away about 12'000 years before time counting, caused a land raise and created glacier erratics.

About year -8000, humans arrived to Silvinee. Back then people lived as hunter-gatherers. About 4500 years later people lived as farmers. From about year –1900 the Bronze Age happend and 1600 years later came the Iron Age. The oldest human skeleton is dated as from year –4900.

The oldest trace from written language are from about year –300 and are lines engraved on a stone tablet. However scientists has still not managed to know what the text means, but a 500 years younger stone has been understood. The text on that stone is about laws.

Silvinee was until year 1335 a monarki ruled by a queen and a king. During this time, Silvinee was often at war and lost and captured land areas. During 1316–1335 Silvinee made war against Antorow but lost large land areas.

After the war Silvinee turned into a dictatorship.

Year 1558 a civil war occured in the south-east part of Silvinee because of people demand for independence. The south-east part of the country turned into a new country – Letisory. Many people were not satisfied over how small the country became, but did not want to fight anymore.

Year 1684 Tritirish became an official language in Silvinee. That made the speakers of Pretisanish decrease, and year 1852 the status of Pretisanish was downgraded to minority language. Currently there are about 35'000 Pretisanish speakers.

During the beginning of 1900 Silvinee was industrialised. A big part of Silvinee's people moved to cities. Not much later, cars came to Silvinee.

Because biocides destroys the environment most of them was forbidden year 1965.

During the 21th century fast trains were built.

Year 1798 Silvinee turned into a democracy. No matter what income and gender (almost) all adults were allowed to vote.

Compulsory school attendance was introduced 1856. All children with age 7 to 13 must go to school (at present all children with age 6½ to 15½ must go to school).


Silvinee is located in the south east part of av Drenitol. Silvinee is about 268'000 km² big and is mostly made of forests and meadows. Silvinee is surrounded by Molane, Trisitane, Letisory and Yelnuria. The mountain range Gedriku goes through west Silvinee. East Silvinee is mostly meadows, farmland and lakes and has a maritime climate. Silvinee has a short (80 km) coast.


The climate in Silvinee is temperate.



h måttlig på vintern. ]



Silviné has about 12,4 milion people.




Silvinee is a democratic republik that is ruled by a president choosed by the people.